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Easy Mail Discussions Code Documentation

This documentation provides detailed information on the architecture and code powering Gray Duck Mail.


Namespace Description
GrayDuckMail.Cli A command line interface for interacting with the Gray Duck Mail system.
GrayDuckMail.Common A collection of shared classes and structures used across the components that make up the Gray Duck Mail system.
GrayDuckMail.Common.Database A collection of objects defining and manipulating the database structure used by the Gray Duck Mail system.
GrayDuckMail.Web The web server and message processing applications that power Gray Duck Mail.
GrayDuckMail.Web.Controllers A collection of MVC web controllers that accept and process web requests.
GrayDuckMail.Web.Models A collection of MVC model calsses that describe data transactions between MVC controllers and MVC views.
GrayDuckMail.Web.Models.Forms A collection of MVC model calsses that represent incoming HTML forms input.
GrayDuckMail.Web.Worker A collection of asyncronous worker threads that power the automated features of Gray Duck Mail.