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Provides a hard-coded collection of file extension and mime type mapping. This project was inspired by samuelneff/MimeTypeMap. This project uses the data from that project to create classes with members for each extension and mime type for lookups.

You can access the values with the FileExtensions and MimeTypes static classes:



You can install MimeTypeList from Nuget.org on its package page.


After installation MimeTypeList, include the following using statement in your class:

using MimeTypeList;

Getting Extensions

Console.WriteLine(MimeTypes.application.onenote); // ".one"

Getting Mime Types

Console.WriteLine(FileExtensions._ruleset); // "application/xml"


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If you would like to donate to the development of MimeTypeList, please direct you donation to my patron page (powered by Stripe) or directly via my PayPal.Me page. You can also donate Ethereum to my wallet. Image